Friday, July 15, 2011

Picture Hacking

We went for an evening walk to the park and while Kyle was shooting baskets, I hacked pictures from his phone.  I may regret sharing some of these... but oh well.  My sense of good judgment is rightfully impaired these days.

During our "false alarm" trip to labor & delivery.
Yes, I was in pain, but I put on a face for Kyle.

July 4th.
Scary knife.

Kyle decided to try on my maternity pants while we folded laundry.

Recovering from a surgery at 32 weeks pregnant.  Super fun.

The first piece of clothing Kyle bought for the baby while shopping in St. George
(a Boise State onesie was next)

BBQ chicken pizza at the Brick Oven in St. George

Oatmeal on Kyle's birthday in St. George.
(Apparently I am always eating)

Zions National Park.  Kyle's birthday wayyy back in April.


Jason and Abby said...

I love them! Thanks for sharing!

Jamie said...

Love this!!! PS Where has "Kyle's Place" been?? That is the only blog posts Justin reads- He doesn't even read mine hahaha