Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spoiler Alert: I'm still pregnant

So last night after dinner I started getting really sharp pains that I was pretty sure were contractions but they just never let up and I had never had contractions that painful before so I was a little confused.  It kept getting more intense and I was contemplating a trip to labor & delivery.  Apparently at some point during my ordeal I told Kyle my stomach hurt (translation: contractions of death) and he took that to mean I had gas or something (note to self: be more specific when relating messages of pain to husband).

I finally convinced him to take me to the hospital and he threw our hospital bags and car seat in the car and I moaned and complained the whole way there.  Kyle even offered to put on some Def Leppard for me while he drove about 85 mph to the hospital (he said he'd always wanted to speed to the hospital with his wife in labor)  Walking into the hospital people kept cheering us on as I hobbled myself up the elevator.

When we finally reached labor & delivery Kyle explained to the nurses, "My wife has a stomach ache that won't go away."  A guy in the lobby chuckled and told me it's going to be a long night and all the nurses were laughing at Kyle's description of my debilitating contractions.  That is why I love him: he makes funny/awkward jokes when he is nervous :)  Although I do feel bad for teasing him about it because he really was concerned and really thought from what I said before that I just had a stomach ache.  Poor husband of mine.

Anyway, I was admitted and monitored and sure enough I was having regular contractions about a minute apart.  I was getting no breaks!  I'm only 35 weeks right now and wasn't dilating anymore during the night so they kept me there 7 hours and gave me meds to stop the contractions.

They couldn't tell why I was having such regular contractions so I had to pee in a cup.  Twice.  Only I was hooked up to IV's and stuff and was shaking from the meds so I had to enlist Kyle to help me.  (Talk about no glamour in pregnancy...)  He tried to be brave but when I handed him my "sample cup" he started dry heaving!  I was laughing so hard.

Through it all though, Kyle was a great labor coach, helping me to breathe and trying to instill confidence in me even though I was convinced I could not do it at all.  I went through 3 hours of intense contractions before we got them to calm down and that was enough to convince me that when I do go into labor for real next time, I want that freaking epidural and I want it as soon as I can freaking get it.

We didn't leave the hospital until 2:30 AM and we were both so exhausted.  On the plus side, the hospital rooms have cable!  I let Kyle watch ESPN and then he endured 2 hours of Toddlers & Tiaras.  That's compromise, people.


vickyj said...

I need to add Kyle was an excellent "text" messenger during the whole ordeal. He made it sound like everything was under control, and that we did not have to head down to Utah at 10:00 PM. He's made me feel a little more comfortable about being so far away -- just incase baby P decides to pop outta there before we can get there. Kyle has done his homework and will be a great labor coach. I do hope we have enough time to get there, though. Rest well -- for now. Love you!

Jamie said...

Kyle, I had a lot of respect for you before but now I have a tremendous amount of respect for hold her pee cup-- SERIOUSLY, that is love!! :o) Good job Daddy!! Kourtney you keep that baby in for 2 more weeks okay?! hehehehe

Kellie said...

I cannot stop laughing about the "stomach ache" comment! hahahaha SO funny. And yes- get that freaking epidural!

James and Laura Neibaur said...

You are so cute--how did I miss that you have a blog--can I add you to my blog list?

Kourtney said...

Laura--of course!!

Jen said...

What a crazy night you both went through! Kyle is such a great guy to have by you through all of this! I love that you made him watch Toddlers and Tiaras. Awesome!

I can't wait to hear the actual labor story. Until then, take it easy!