Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So much for that trophy

So I spent a good portion of yesterday puking.  If you must know, (I'm sure you really wanted to) puking is at the very top of the list of things I absolutely hate to ever do.  The fact that I had escaped any pregnancy puking until this point has been my own little trophy.  Now I can no longer say I made it through my 9 months without throwing up. 
Oh well. 

There's some suspicions about why I was sick all day (probably a virus), but the point of the matter is, I'm better today, I am still pregnant, and the sickness caused a barrage of contractions that lasted late into the night.

While this was really unpleasant and somewhat worrisome at times, it was so worth it to see Kyle rush around the house packing hospital bags, shaving, reading birthing books, all in case I went into labor.  He calmly ordered me to first lie down, then drink more water, then walk up and down the halls.  He rubbed my shoulders, brought me ice packs, and helped me time contractions.  His nervous excitement was really more than I could bear without giggling all the way through a few hours worth of false labor. 

At my doctor's appointment today, it was confirmed that I am progressing towards the labor phase (woohoo!) and there is hope that I will go early (but not too early) without needing to be induced (double woo!)  Of course in my life, things pretty much never go as planned.  So I'm trying not to get my hopes up, even though now I'm even more excited than ever to have this baby, dangit!


It Started With a Wink said...

if you beat me I will be so jealous, well kind of, I'll be happy for you too!

Chelsea said...

Wow, so I'm really behind on your posts - but I just had to add that after my own taste of what contractions were like after my surgery a couple weeks ago, all my plans of "going natural" went right out the door! Hah, I want that epidural STAT!