Friday, July 1, 2011

Nursery Reveal!

The nursery is finally done and ready for Baby P to move in!
There's a few little things here and there that I'd still like to do (i.e. finish that dang baby quilt...) but I think it's as good as done for now.  This room is seriously the smallest room in our house and it's been my biggest headache trying to squeeze everything we want in there without making it feel too crammed. 

All in all, I'm proud to say we did everything in the nursery for pretty dang cheap.
That's how we like it!
Most of the stuff in the room was revamped from things we already had, found at yard sales, or were hand-me-downs. 

View from the door.

Our biggest splurge was the crib.  We bought a used crib and mattress from some friends (hi Jamie!) but when we went to put it together it was missing some bolts.  Sad as we were, we kept the mattress and fell in love with this Jenny Lind crib for $160.

The painted chandelier I got at a yard sale for $10 and spray painted white.

The mini bunting I made from fabric scraps I already had.

Next to the crib is a teal plastic bin we are calling the laundry basket: $6

And a lidded diaper pail from IKEA for $15

Oh I can't forget (Kyle's favorite) the rocking horse we found at a yard sale and cleaned up for $5

View from the rocking chair

The lime green vintage arm chair was Kyle's grandma's and is in the most perfect condition ever.  And it was free!

The little wooden chair next to it was my dad's when he was a baby.  Also free.

The square purple shag rug came from IKEA for.. I think $20

You might remember the IKEA spice racks we painted for our bookshelves.  They were $4 a piece, making the set $16  (The books were all gifts, hand-me-downs, and a couple of yard sale finds)

The batik print on the wall was done by a high school friend of mine and I have always loved it.  It says "When twilight drops her curtain down and pins it with a star, remember that you have a friend though she may wander far."  It has a new home in an old frame I've been storing...

The pink retro clock was a gift from my mom several years ago.

The floor lamp (you can barely see) belonged to my parents.  I am still thinking about painting it...

The guitar is mine.  It probably won't stay in there for long, but for now it's a nice spot for me to sit and serenade the baby.

View from the green chair

Kyle's parents gave us the rocking chair when we moved in last year and the blanket on it was crocheted by my late grandma a long time ago.

My favorite thing about the room is the pink mirror!  It was $8 at D.I. and was uuuugly.  I painted her up good with a $2 sample paint from Home Depot.  Total: $10

I got the ledge shelves at a yard sale a couple of years ago and never quite knew what I wanted to do with them.  I painted them the wall color and now they hold some of my favorite toys and trinkets.

The dresser was an old nightstand Kyle has moved around for years.  We painted it the same color as the walls and covered it in about 5 or 6 layers of poly to make it shine.

The milk glass lamp I scored on ebay awhile back and I made the ruffled lampshade with some muslin I had on hand.

The paneled mirror was second hand from somewhere and I've carted it around for a few years.

Hanging above the mirror are tissue pom poms from one of my baby showers.

I made the crib skirt from some clearance fabric I scored at JoAnns.  It is the exact match to the color of the mirror and I about peed my pants when I found it--and for $2 a yard!  Woohoo!  I bought 3 yards but I still have a bunch left over.  Total for the skirt: $6

We started out with just the purple sheer curtains from IKEA ($7 for the pair) but they turned out a little more sheer than we'd expected and looked a little brown at night.  So we snagged the white pair, also from IKEA ($15 for the pair).  The white curtains were tabbed and the sheers were not, so I sewed the tabs down on the back of the panels so the two sets of curtains hung the in the same style.  (If that makes sense...)  Adding the white curtains also helps block out a lot of the light during the day, which I'm sure will be handy for naptime!

Grand total for the nursery: $270

Considering more than half of that was just for the crib, I think we came out pretty good!

Alright, that's probably way more than you wanted to know about our nursery.  I only wish I had a finished baby quilt to blog about!  Someday...


vickyj said...

The guilt about the quilt. ugh!

Jamie said...

It looks AWESOME!! sorry about the crib, it had all the pieces when we took it apart... But the good news is the one you bought is way cuter anyways! :o) Can't wait to see Baby P. PS I hope she has a name by then hahaha

Jamie said...

It looks AWESOME!! sorry about the crib, it had all the pieces when we took it apart... But the good news is the one you bought is way cuter anyways! :o) Can't wait to see Baby P. PS I hope she has a name by then hahaha

Jen said...

Love your nursery! It's so cute! I made the mistake of showing this to Brian and he now thinks that I can do this too...pretty sure I'm not creative and/or handy at all!