Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Done and Done

The baby quilt is FINALLY done!
Nevermind the fact that I started this sometime back in March of this year.
This is my very first quilting project ever and even though my mom/expert quilter extraordinaire coached me along through many many phone calls and emails, I am proud to say I did it all by myself.

Here she is in all her glory.
The nursery was originally planned to be all white (because I'm crazy like that) but when I found these fabrics for the quilt, I was inspired and that's where all the color in the nursery came from.

Binding this sucker gave me blisters.  I did not expect to have to hand sew to finish this thing!  (I hate hand sewing)  But one of my favorite parts of this pattern is the prairie points along the interior border.  Even though I hated sewing those too.

Her lovely backside.

Now I can proudly say my pile of unfinished projects is rapidly depleting.


vickyj said...

The quilt is beautiful! You did a great job. The binding looks great -- even the mitered corners. So proud of you. The nesting should be about complete.

Ben & Traci said...

Beautiful! You are so talented.

Rich and Brianne said...

LOVE. You did a great job. Way to go!

Jamie said...


Tara said...

It's beautiful, you did an amazing job!

Warren & Kim said...

Aww it's beautiful! YOu did a great job! I love the fact that you love white so much! That is so awesome! Having 4 kids and doing daycare the thought of owning or having anything white makes me want to almost throw up! lol..We can't wait to met this princess.