Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kyle Started the Fire

Kyle is having camping withdrawals since my being pregnant has kept us from going on the usual camping trips this summer.  To make him feel better, we drove to a nearby campground (literally 2 minutes from our house) and had a fire.  And smores.  And played cards.  Pretty much my perfect idea of camping :)

He tried to seduce me with his axe and Boy Scout quality fire skills.

I do my best seducing while hugely pregnant and making deliciously messy smores with Reese's.
(Truth be known, Reese's are my biggest weakness)


vickyj said...

Seduction with an ax? I'm a little worried in my head right now.

Jason and Abby said...

You make me laugh.

PS-I'm glad "shut up Vicky" is confused in her head and not other places :) Love you Vicky :)

Kellie said...

Oh my GOSH, that is the BEST idea! Reese's! I love Reese's too. Brett's aunt gave me a bag of them during Easter time (the egss... YUM.) I put them in my freezer thinking I could handle just eating a few a week and I ended up throwing the bag in the trash because I could not control myself. Darn those delicious Reece's!