Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So we're down to days until this baby comes.
9 months of waiting and now we only have days to go.
And to all of the following questions, I answer yes yes yes yes YES:

Are you ready for the baby to come?
Are you excited?
Do you have your hospital bags packed?
Any day now?
Do you have what you need?
Is the nursery ready?
Is the car in labor-ready shape?

Yes, most important of all, the car is ready for me to go into labor.  Even though I have an induction scheduled for Tuesday, Kyle has prepped the car with plastic bags and towels just in case my water breaks while I'm riding in the car.

You guys, I wish this was a joke.
He is totally serious.
I mentioned removing them and I got a death stare in response.

The irony of this situation is that I spend most of my days driving the car and not sitting on the plastic and towels.  His logic is totally lost on me, but I guess I should just go along with whatever makes him feel prepared.  And really, it's only DAYS left that I have to put up with it.

(Did I mention we're having a baby in a mere matter of DAYS?!?!)


sbdunn said...

Haha! Blake did the same thing right before I had Jacob.

Jaclyn M. Howell said...


Kim said...

Kyle is so awesome can I just say! Oh I love him so much! He is going to be one awesome dad and can't wait for Tuesday. Seems like yesterday Karli was born and she's 9 months old already:(

Kristi said...

haha, that is one thing I never thought of before Kassie was born - and luckily it never was a problem... the doctor had to break my water, it just wouldn't pop on it's own. :) I hope all goes as smoothly as humanly possible for you!

vickyj said...

I think we should take you grocery shopping, and tell Kyle the stories of women who's water breaks on the pickle ailse. Let's throw some more paranoia at him. He is certainly making the "DAYS" go by with humor.

vickyj said...

I don't think the car looks ready for a quick back seat delivery. You need more towels and water bottles in there. = )

Jason and Abby said...

Jason and I laughed about that on the way home the other night :) You guys are so fun :) I can't wait for Baby Post!