Friday, June 24, 2011

A Very Sad Living Room

Our living room was having an identity crisis.
I couldn't figure out what to hang where, how I wanted things arranged, and the chairs and sofa are two different color blues.

And then there was the corner shelf.
Over a year ago I attempted to lug this thing home on the roof of my little Toyota.  It subsequently fell off at an intersection, denting the trunk, and hurting my precious feelings.  After I'll we've been through together, this shelf is never leaving me.  Buuut I didn't so much love the oak.  Especially since there's also asphalt marks on the back sides now.  Oops!

I grabbed a quart of Lily Pad by Martha Stewart and had it matched in Glidden.

I painted all of the interior in the Lily Pad green and did the outer trim and back in some spare cream high gloss paint I had on hand.

And now I have a home for all my milk glass!  I love having a place to put my favorite collection.  Kyle was a little nauseated at how much milk glass I've aquired, but I still have no intention of quitting :) 

Now that I've had this corner shelf done for a few weeks though, I'm now contemplating adding a stenciled background to it... you know, just for fun.

So little by little this once very sad living room is coming together.  There's still a few big projects left to work in here (namely new slipcovers) but I'll share some of the other things we changed so far a little later.


Jamie said...

It looks amazing with all the milk glass in there. Just make sure to anchor it to the wall when baby P starts crawling :o) I love it!!!

It Started With a Wink said...

good work you are my hero with remakes!