Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Very Sad Living Room: Part II

Once upon a time I went to the D.I. on my lunch break and returned to work with this darling table!  She was $10 and I tried to barter for a lower price because the top is coming loose, but when they wouldn't budge on the price I knew I had to have it anyway.  You can't tell at all from this terrible picture, but the wood was in sad shape.  It was badly stained and scratched up and I probably could/should have worked hard to restore it to its natural wood beauty...

But I decided to paint it white instead :)
Kyle is always pointing out how I am obsessed with white... probably he is right.
My little table is currently serving as an end table in the not-as-sad-as-it-once-was living room.

I'm no furniture expert, but I'm thinking it was hand carved because there are a lot of irregularities in the details.  And that is what I love about it.  I'm guessing somewhere there is an antiques or furniture guru cursing me for painting over this thing.  Oops.

And here is another sad corner of the house, which is pretty much part of the living room.  The entry way needed help in a bad way.  (The little table was sitting underneath those pictures... still not sure what to do about that right now)

So one day we found the mirror/coat rack thing at a yard sale for $5 and the next week I fell in love with this handmade bench I bargained for $13 (they wanted $17).  The bench looks kind of like something someone made in a 7th grade wood shop class.  But that is why I love it.  The curves at the top aren't perfect and the slats on the seat are wonky.  Kind of like me, if you know what I mean ;)  I especially like how our shoes are slightly less visible tucked under the bench now. 

Here's a view of our not-as-sad-as-it-once-was living room from the front door.  I finally decided on hanging some stuff on the walls and our IKEA money tree is thriving in its new corner.  As I mentioned yesterday, the plan is to sew up slipcovers for the love seat and wing back chairs.  Probably in white (I mean, if I'm going to have an obsession, I might as well do it right, right?)

We're going for a green, white, black and navy theme in here.
Or at least until I change my mind again.

Also I think that floor lamp needs to go...


It Started With a Wink said...

can't wait to see it!!

Kellie said...

What a beautiful table!