Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Project Breakdown

We had been talking about painting the kitchen cabinets since about the time we moved in last April. 
I was hesitant to go for it for two main reasons: 
1. Money
2.  It looked like a heckuva lot of work (and it was) 

So in review, I just wanted to do a little cost breakdown of the big kitchen project to prove that it doesn't take a lot of money to make a big impact.

1 gallon Zinsser primer: $19
1 gallon Behr Premium Plus high gloss paint (Bleached Linen) with $5 rebate: $25
1 super fancy Purdy 1 1/2" brush for latex paint: $11
6 4" foam roller covers: $15
Medium grit sandpaper: $10
12 IKEA knobs: $24

Other supplies we used that we already had on hand:
1 roll painter's tape
2 4" paint rollers
2 paint trays
4 paint tray liners
drop cloths (or in our case a lot of old sheets)
Not so fancy paint brushes for priming

Grand Total: $104

1 comment:

Rachael Smith said...

So you mentioned the cabinets when I was at your house and I couldn't even oogle because I couldn't remember what they looked like before. Now due to the before and after shots I can reply... It looks awesome! No really I am impressed. I especially love the knobs and the cute little shelves and the left. Good work!! Want to come do mine next?