Friday, June 10, 2011

Kyle's Place: Small Town Childhood

Knowing that my daughter is going to have a childhood it made me think about how awesome my childhood was. I grew up in Middleton, Idaho. I call it Zion. It’s the most amazing place ever! Back then, the population was 1,800 people and when you first drove into the city there was a big sign that said, “Welcome to Middleton! The City with a future.”

Here are some of the fun things I did growing up in wonderful Middleton, Idaho:
  • Shot bottle rockets at cars 
  • Played hide and go seek in corn fields
  • Trapped gophers and made them bit sticks and clumps of dirt
  • 4 wheelers pulling sleds around
  • Jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler blasting water underneath
  • Diving for golf balls at the golf course ponds at 1am
  • Tying fishing line to a Davey Crocket hat filled with fruit and dragging it across the road.  When cars would hit it, I'd start fake crying saying they killed my cat
  • Playing sports and pretending to be professional athletes
  • Secretly recording friends and family and then listening to the tape to be nosey
  • Prank phone calls (until caller ID was invented)
  • Riding down the highway in the bucket of a backhoe tractor
  • Riding bikes everywhere (including into town to get ice cream)
  • Throwing rocks into ditch canals and to see who could get the biggest splash
  • Recording songs from the radio and giving that tape to girls I liked
  • Throwing snowballs at pedestrians from a nice hiding spot
  • Toilet papering people’s homes
  • Rolling down hills until I puke
  • Trying to sneak candy bought at the dollar store into the movies
  • Stomping on pop cans
  • Peeing outside
  • Digging holes to set traps for “snipes”
  • Picking up range balls along the road and turning them into the golf course for a reward of a root beer.
  • Swimming in canals or friends pools and having splash fights
  • Playing in mud with no shirt on and putting muddy handprints on each other
  • Fishing in the canals
  • Building forts where girls were not allowed ever!
  • Building ramps for bike jumping
  • Going hiking with slingshots in case there were bears
  • Playing football with random neighbor kids
So much fun! Now days kids want to play with their iPads and listen to Miley freaking Cyrus. How boring! Hopefully my daughter will want to do some of the cool things I did.


Jamie said...

YES! mix tapes are the best! :o) What happened to childhood anyway?

Jamie said...

Amen brother!
Me and my brothers were always doing stuff outside and having a blast. We experienced life (between the work) but now a days kids do squat and have nothing cool to tell stories about. They are a bunch of metro panzies!