Saturday, June 11, 2011

Over Exuberance

We have been obsessing about strollers for weeks now.
(It's what we do these days, obsess about baby products)
I really wanted a stroller that was compact, lightweight, and durable.
Kyle was hell-bent on getting one with inflatable wheels.
We both did not want to spend $400+

Unfortunately, the only perfect comprises seemed to all come in at over $400 a stroller.
So not happening for us.

And then today I got a call from a little Caribbean island where my longtime friend Jamie now lives to solve my problems (only half true).  She knew of someone in Utah who was selling their high end stroller for a price that fit our budget.

Within 20 minutes that stroller was ours.

Let me tell you, I was excited at first but now that we have it home I am in freaking love.  It's compact, lightweight, durable, has inflatable wheels, and I think it's pretty gosh dang cute if I say so myself.
It looks just like this.

The best part ever?
It came with a little red parasol.
So we can have the hook up like this:

I die.

I'm not sure how effective the parasol really is, but I love it so much I want to carry it around myself.

You guys, this is what my life has come to: over exuberance about strollers and stroller accessories.
Just don't even get me started on baby socks.
(baby socks make me cry)


Jamie said...

:o) I'm excited you guys got this!! I'm hoping you'll have it with you in Boise so I can see it in person!! I can't wait to see you and little Post!

vickyj said...

The funny thing about baby socks making you cry is that baby socks rarely stay on. You will probably lose many. Then you will cry.

I love the stoller with the parasol. I'm so happy for this resolution.