Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Of Romance

I recently started a second job that I can do from home and keep doing with flexible hours after the baby comes.  Hooray!  Seriously, I have been wanting this SOOO much. 

However, right now I also still have a regular full-time job which, in case you have forgotten, requires a 45 minute bus riding *blissful* commute twice a day.  The picture that I'm painting here for you is that right now my Monday through Friday is hectic. 

And did I mention our dishwasher broke?  A month ago?

And that I think my wrists are allergic to my laptop?  (Seriously)

And I'm excessively whiny these days? 

And I ran out of lotion!?!?!

Right.  Like I said: hectic.

So imagine my tearful surprise when I came home to find this:

I know. It's only lotion.
(Cetaphil moisturizing cream to be exact.  I live by this stuff)
And probably only a crazed pregnant woman would be fanatical about lotion.
(I mean STRETCH MARKS, people!!)
But you see, I had only casually mentioned in the morning that I was nearly completely out of my must-have-every-single-day-sometimes-twice-a-day-lotion and when I got home, Kyle had left this lovely note with a new jar of it on my laptop.  I never asked him to buy it but he actually listened to me mention that I needed it and was thoughtful enough to make my dream come true. Something so small and so seemingly ridiculous totally made my day.

He also bought paper plates.
And folded all our laundry.
I. Am. In. Love.

Is it just me or does your idea of romance change a bit when you get married?
And then again when you're pregnant and whiny?


Page Traveler Darci said...

That's awesome, Kourtney! You're one lucky gal, and he's a lucky guy :-)

vickyj said...

This is marriage bliss. Way to go, Kyle!

Jason and Abby said...

This is my favorite and only lotion that I use.

Ooooh marriage...