Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kyle's Place: 4th Grade Football... or Not

Sometimes I wonder what my daughter will look like. I hope she mostly looks like my beautiful wife because I don't think I would be a very good looking woman. But will she have a small head like me?

This is how small my head is:

When I was in the 4th grade I wanted to play football. All my friends were signing up and I wanted to be on the Seahawks with them. I signed up and was excited to play. The first day of practice, all the teams came together for a meeting to get their football equipment. I gathered all my equipment up and went to get a helmet. The guy in charge of the equipment gave me the smallest helmet they had. It was too big. They said they would order me a helmet, but I could practice lightly (non helmet type drills) until it came in. I secured my position as Wide Reciever and Cornerback. I was pumped!

The day finally came to put on my new shiny helmet.

But it was still too big.

The equipment guy said that's the smallest helmet they could get and I would not be able to play football that year. My small pinhead wouldn't allow me to play football! But I didn't really feel bad about that because at least it wasn't my football skills that kept me from playing. My friend Jesse was the Quarterback of the Seahawks and he threw a lot of passes to me in his backyard after practice. It was cool because with his awesome quarterback skills and my good looks, we got a lot of ladies in the 4th grade.

So if my daughter has a small head maybe this story will help.
Plus I doubt she will want to play on the 4th grade football team.


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