Monday, May 16, 2011

So Fun.

I'm having some of those emotionally hormonal days of the pregnancy variety.
The kind where you get mad at your husband because he has itchy eyes.
The kind when you cry and cry and cry because... well, because for no reason at all really.
The kind of days where you think an egg-shaped Easter marshmallow could quite possibly solve all of life's problems.
Or a 3.5 hour midday sleep fest feels more like a catnap.
The days where you forget you can't do everything like you used to and wonder why it is that it's suddenly so difficult to bend over.
Or tie your shoes.
Or roll over in bed.
Or go one whole hour without having to pee.
And do I really need a new bra again already?!?
And what happened to all my dignity anyway?

It's so fun to be pregnant some days.


Kellie said...

I dunno, maybe it's just me. But the emotionally hormonal days haven't ended after birth. I cried FIVE times during Mulan. FIVE? I didn't even cry ONCE while watching Mulan before having babies.

Jamie said...

I'm not preggers and I have those days hahaha! You're totally normal!! I'm sorry it's not a fun pregnant day, I hope you fee better soon!!

Jason and Abby said...

I love you!