Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekend Happenings

We spent the weekend away in Idaho with family. 
Before we left I declared a mental commandment that I shalt take pictures.

I did not keep my commandment.

Not a single picture from the whole weekend.

To make myself feel better, I ripped off this picture from the Internet to show you the cool lobby of the hotel we stayed in.  (Spring Hill Suites in Rexburg).  I would also like to point out the turquoise and orange color scheme which is reminiscent of one such wedding of the century (read: not the royal wedding)

See that turquoise and orange loveliness right there?
Yes.  That is from the Kyle and Kourtney wedding.  September 2009.  One year before the Spring Hill Suites in Rexburg was completed.  I would like to take this opportunity to take the credit for their color scheme.

And while the frosted glass doors to the guest room bathroom and shower were strange and unnerving (especially when sharing a room with my in-laws), the amazing continental breakfast more than made up for it.  (Breakfast is my favorite)

The rest of our weekend, which we so dutifully did not photograph, consisted of:
Two full days in Rexburg

One nephew graduating from BYU-Idaho
One great-nephew's baby blessing (yes, I am a great aunt... so weird)
Three Kyle-guided driving tours of the BYU-Idaho campus
Four times passing by the Dairy Queen without stopping for a blizzard
One trip to the D.I. for thrifted goodness
One chance meeting of an old friend from Colorado
Six short hours spent in Pocatello with my family
Eight hours driving round-trip

This next weekend we are taking another trip, but this time we are celebrating Kyle's THIRTIETH birthday!!  My man is turning 30.  That's like a big deal, you know.  So we are getting the heck outta here and heading to warmer weather to celebrate.  Just the 2 1/2 of us.
This time, however, we HAVE to take pictures.
I promise.

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