Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Papaya Post

this week, the baby is the size of a papaya

Every day the same pair of older ladies greet me with giant smiles and ask "How are you feeling?!?"  With some kind of anxious excitement as if I was going to reply, "I'm going into labor right this very minute!!!" 
But it is not so. 

Really, pregnancy is kind of a long, drawn-out process and for the most part, very little changes from day to day.  I appreciate their enthusiasm and concern for my well-being but at the same time, I am growing weary of explaining every day that I feel fine.

I'm fine.
I promise.
And even if I wasn't, I probably wouldn't tell them.
Because who really wants to hear in response, "I didn't sleep much last night because I had to get up to pee THREE times!" 
Pretty sure they don't care.

But really, pregnancy has been fairly good to me thus far.

Our (22 year old) nephew asked over the weekend what the hardest part about being pregnant was.  And you know, I had to really think about that.  I have been so, so, so very lucky not to have suffered with a lot of morning sickness and am pleased to report that I have not puked once since getting a positive pee stick.  Not once!  This is especially good news for a puke-phobic like myself.  I decided to tell him that the hardest thing for me is that everything is different and it is increasingly difficult to be comfortable. 

Is it really so bad to be starving like unto death every couple of hours? 
No, not really so bad.

Is it really so terrible that one or both of my legs periodically go to sleep at night? 
No, it's not that terrible.

Is it really so miserable to have heart burn every day? 
No, nothing a little Tums can't fix.

So if it's not really so bad, terrible or miserable, I should probably stop complaining to my poor husband, huh?  But you see he is mostly a by-stander to the baby-growing process now and I want him to feel included.  Like he's right here in the game with me!  Shouldn't he want to know the pains of waking up in the middle of the night to pee all the time?!?  I mean how else is he going to be involved for the next 16 some weeks? 

I must complain to him. 
It is part of the whole process, you see. 
So, sorry Babe.  I will admit that pregnancy has not been so bad to me.  But for you, you get to hear all the minor uncomfortableness I experience on an hourly basis. 
Love you!

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vickyj said...

You've described it so well.