Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kyle's Place: Skin is in

Being bald use to be gross. People thought of bald people as old men. They collected bald jokes and used them whenever they saw an old bald man.

But now…..“skin is in.” It is sexy. Why? How did the opinions of the world seem to change overnight? I will tell you in three words…BRUCE FREAKING WILLIS! That’s right. The ladies think Bruce Willis is one of the sexiest men on the planet. He made a shaved bald head go from “old man ready to die” to “completely and utterly stunning sexiness.”

Thank you, Bruce Willis. I know besides sharing your haircut I don’t look like you. However I have had multiple dreams where I am taking down bad guys with you in the corn fields of Idaho as your junior detective. Remember that time we hid in that ditch and you covered me up with dirt except for my gun and one eye? Then when the bad guy who robbed the Victoria’s Secret crossed the bridge I popped up out of nowhere and said, “Prepare to meet your maker” and took him out.

Good times, Bruce. Good times.

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ashley said...

hahahaha dev and i loved this