Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Desperate Plea

I like to write.
I like to type.
I like to use big words sparingly.
But most of all, I like to use the right word at the right time.
Which, if we're using logic here, means that I do not like to use the wrong word at the wrong time.
In fact, I loathe it.

People in Utah sometimes have a peculiar way of speaking.
That's all fine by me, but please please please for the love of Merriam-Webster do not translate this peculiar way of speaking into writing.

Classic Example:
CORRECT:  "Dresser for sale"
INCORRECT: "Dresser for sell"

Every time I see "sell" used for "sale" I cringe and cry little tears of anger.

When perusing the classifieds (as I do on a near daily basis), I come across this grammatical travesty time and time again.  Is it snobbish of me to not want to buy something from someone who can't properly use "sale" in their ad?

Call me a snob.
But it drives me crazy.


Jamie said...

Drives me crazy too!!!!! I also hate how they use acrosst adding the 't' when they say it!! SEVERELY annoying.

Kourtney said...

Oh good one! There have been several come up that really get under my skin, but sale/sell seems to be ALL the time. AHH!!

Crystal said...

Oh my heck!!! I see this all the time! Even in Missouri/Illinois they do this. I see it so often that I was wondering if I somehow was wrong in believing what the words "sale" and "sell" meant! lol! Not only have I seen people write out something like "Dresser for sell", but I've also seen the opposite mistake... like people writing "I am going to be trying to sale my dresser". ???? What the???