Friday, April 22, 2011

I Need a Twelve Step Program

The joy of being married is that you suddenly have someone watching you 24 hours a day who can point out the strange and annoying things you do.  Because we are with each other pretty much all the time, Kyle notices things about me that I did not ever notice before.

Case in point: I start a lot of projects simultaneously.
Most of which I have yet to finish.

You guys, I think I'm driving him nuts.  Well, okay I know I'm driving him nuts, because he told me so.  I can tell you this because I've realized that he is right (don't tell him I said so!)
And now I am driving me nuts too. 
Pretty much I need to finish some projects. 

Of course when he first pointed this out, I denied it profusely and justified every 50% complete project.  (I need more supplies!  I need more time!  I'm a multitasker!  It's just how I roll!)
But now that I've had some time to think about it, I am here to hang my head in public shame and come clean about my problem.

My Unfinished Projects:
1. Baby Quilt: needs to be backed and bound
2. Floor Lamp: I need wayyy more coffee filters and another 3 days of hot gluing.  Also, I may need to paint the lamp base (I'm still somewhat undecided on this factor)
3. The Gallery Wall: I have three frames that still have paint on the glass (I just need to scrape it off) that also need pictures inside. And I must finally correct the slightly off-balance issue.
4. $5 Bookshelf: Still sitting in the garage waiting for a good sanding and a clever paint job.
5. Nursery Dresser: It WAS finished once, but then I decided to mess with the knobs.  Now I need to finish the knobs.
6. The Chair:  Uh... the piping has been pinned on this chair for over a year even though all it needs is a little hot glue.
7. Paper wall flower: Needs paint and a home
8. Birdhouse: The first paint job was all wrong and now it needs a new one

This list does not include all the projects I've not officially started but are hanging in the balance, waiting for a makeover: painting a corner shelf, sewing up throw pillows, slip covers here and there, refinishing bedroom furniture......)

Hi, my name is Kourtney and I have project ADD.
Anyone else suffer from this?


Jamie said...

I have this problem when I'm cleaning the house sometimes, I'll start in the Kitchen and go to put something away in Lexi's room and start cleaning her room before I finish the Kitchen. As for projects I'm the opposite, I wont start another project until one is finished- even if it takes me 5 years :o)

Chelsea said...

Yep, count me in. :)