Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kyle's Place: About Fatherhood

When I found out we are having a baby I was really excited. I have always wanted to be a dad. It has been pretty much my biggest dream my entire life. I have always imagined myself playing catch in my backyard with him, having him help me rake the leaves, teaching him the different offensive plays that Boise State ran the previous game, teaching him the best way to camp, how to drive a 4 wheeler, and painting our chests for tailgate parties.

And then we found out we are having a girl.

And even though I still plan on doing all these things with my new daughter (except for painting our chests) I guess I will have to add things I never thought of before. Things like having little tea parties, playing house, having fashion shows and dress up parties, painting toenails and having pillow fights. I never thought of these things as fun, but I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t excited for these things.

Bring them all on!

Bring on fatherhood!


Jamie said...

This makes me smile! You will love every minute of it- Justin does. BUT I will say Lexi's 2 favorite things to do with Daddy are building blocks and playing tent, so not too girly! Your daughters favorite things to do with you will be ANYTHING she does with YOU

vickyj said...

This was the most sweetest
Post-ing EVER! I am excited to watch you grow as a dad. I think you are going to be one of the best.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the many times you will pretend to be a ballerina while this small person, who controls everything you do, insists that you wear a tiara.

Girls are fun! :)

bequi said...

Now that we have 2 girls, Anthony thinks they're so great he doesn't really want a boy anymore.