Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Biz-nass

So I just watched The Business of Being Born and while I have mixed feelings about the apparent bias against hospitals (I love my hospital and my OB! But also I do not live in New York) and all the boobs I had to see, I pretty much cried my eyes out every time they showed a woman in labor.  And then there's the new baby and I need a few more tissues.  The more births I see or read about the more prepared I feel to have this baby of ours.  Even though it is sometimes so terrifying to think about (anything can happen!) I feel like I can do it.

But really there is no new news from the babyfront at this point.  We still cannot seem to agree on a name, and while I've just decided she won't be named until she's born, Kyle still wants to pick a name asap.  I'm thinkin' that's not gonna be happenin' anytime soon.  So for now I call her Fetus or Baby or Baby Fetus or Baby Post.  All of which are so endearing and feminine. {insert sarcasm}

Kyle's aunt Debbie said she had a hard time picking a name for their son and at one point thought she'd name him Gene Eric (i.e. GENERIC).  I thought that was hilariously clever.  Unfortunately, a girl named Gene just doesn't seem to fit, so we are still nameless.

I would tell you my favorite names, but I am pretty sure Kyle is so sick of hearing them over and over for the past 5.5 months, that he cringes when he hears them.  Not so good for winning favor for my favorite names.

Baby Girl Fetus is consistently measuring big meaning I really should have a due date earlier than July 31st, but so far I've yet to convince the doctor to move it up.  Just the same, I have it set in my mind that she will come before July 31st and that is just the way I would like it.  Either that or she will come on (or after) July 31st and will be a behemoth of an infant.

I, myself, was something of a nine pound baby so these things aren't too implausible you see.

In other news, my face is rapidly doubling in size.  As a result, I am insisting that all photographs now be taken from the neck down.

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vickyj said...

HEY! My middle name's Jean. As a fetus, she could be called Jean Erica. Just a thought. I do wish you could find a more pleasant name to call her than "Fetus." That sounds so lab-ish. Just sayin'.