Monday, April 4, 2011

a Sucky Movie and a Gorgeous Home

We watched Killers. 
The movie was a terrible disappointment and went something like this:

Jen (Katherin Heigl) vacations in France
Enter pointlessly half-naked assassin Spencer (Ashton Kutcher)
They fall in love in one week (yeah freaking right)
Three years later they're married and live in a gorgeous suburban house
Suddenly, all their suburban friends try to kill them
Another pointless half-naked Spencer scene
Spencer's true identity is revealed
Jen's pregnant!
Now she's leaving him!
But she's back 2 minutes later to save his life!
Husband and wife team up to elminate their killers
Turns out Jen's dad was in on the whole thing
Something about a "trust circle"
And they live happily ever after

There you go. 
You have no need to ever watch this movie. 
EXCEPT Spencer and Jen's house is to die for. 
I did not so much like the movie, but I want to watch it again just to get a better glimpse of the interior of their home. 
It is amazing. 
And I'm in love. 

Here are just a few pictures I was able to scrounge up of the house, which is in real-life Douglasville, Georgia.  I wish they were better but.... here you go.

The exterior. 
(The house was painted this color just for the movie)

A glimpse of the kitchen. 
I looove the white cabinets and the butcher block island. 
I'm also a big fan of the under cabinet lighting and the sheer curtain above the sink.

A partial view of the kitch and a hallway. 
The wall colors on the main floor all appear to be very neutral and have a modern farmhouse feel. 
Which I love. 
Notice the see-through kitchen cabinet doors on the right?  Love!

A closer view of the cabinets. 
Here you can see they are backed with beadboard. 
I'm now scheming to do this in our kitchen. 
If only our dishes all coordinated....

This is the upstairs office I believe.
The hallway is a blue-gray and I'm really coveting the lamp with the yellow shade.
I would also like to pause a moment and point out Katherine Heigl's nailpolish.
I approve.
And now I need a manicure.

Here's just a peak of the really awesome fireplace mantle and above it is a HUGE sunburst mirror. 
Of course, I love.

This picture only really serves to show the wall color (which is pretty similar to our own main floor) paired with a lot of white drapery. 
I'm always excited to see interiors with a wall color like ours because I sometimes feel stumped on how to make it more interesting.
And colorful.

But seriously, the movie kinda sucked.


ashley said...

ohhhhhhhh i am loving this house too!

It Started With a Wink said...

I'd watch it again to see the house too!

Suzi Q said...

OMG I agree! That movie was a waste. But it had an awesome home and Ashton Kutcher is easy on my eyes.

Anonymous said...

That house is still that color! I live in that subdivision