Friday, April 8, 2011


Yesterday I had the great fortune of taking in the old Honda to get fixed up.
As such, I found myself carless and alone at 8am in Orem, Utah.  So I started to walk.  3.5 hours and one Denny's Grand Slam with wheat pancakes later, I had shin splints and blistered feet.  But the car was fixed!  And I like to think I got a nice workout in the meantime.

Have you ever been to Orem?
Parts of Orem are kind of old.
And charming.
Here are some scenes from my morning walk.

Next time I decide to walk for several hours, I am going to wear socks.

(and the small o.j. at Denny's is a joke. who do they think they are feeding? a toddler?!)

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vickyj said...

Love the pictures. Wish I could have been on that walk with you.