Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is for Treasure Hunts

photo by me
It is officially spring and at the Post home that means yard sales!!

I'm a little obsessively proud of our cheap yard sale/thrift store finds.  A woman recently visited our home and complimented this or that thing that we have displayed in the house.  As I proudly exclaimed "Yard sale!" "Thrift store!"  "Free!"  She just stared at me blankly.

I guess not everyone loves the used goods like we do.

But that is okay.  Junk is not for everyone, but it is for us!

So despite the fact I woke up feeling not-so-hot Saturday morning, we went out at 7:30 AM on the hunt for the season's first yard sales.  I had a list of 13 and we made it to 8 in 3 different cities by 10:00 AM.  We only made one purchase.

This vintage book display rack for $5!!! 
The seller explained that it was an old book rack from a public library in Provo.  I loved it even more that it had a story.  (Just another reason why I love vintage stuffs)

We've wanted a display rack for the nursery and have been considering this one at Pottery Barn for $100, but just couldn't justify $100 to display books.   We wanted to go for a display rack over a bookshelf so the titles were visible, and we think it's a little more interesting than your average boxy bookshelf.  Sure our $5 version is a little different than the PB one, but it displays the book covers, it's vintage, and did I mention it was only $5?!?!  Man I love a good find.

As soon as I'm no longer cold medicine dependent, we'll give this book rack a good cleaning and a few coats of paint.  There's just nothing like finding the perfect treasure at a yard sale or thrift store! 

I live for the hunt.


vickyj said...

Great Find! Have you watched the Nate Show on KSL? I think it airs at 4:00 in the afternoon. He had a woman from St George who decorates with treasures from garage sales, Craig's list, DI, thrift stores. I thought of you. I think you do great things with those treasures you find.

Kellie said...

Greeeeaaaaaaat find!!!