Monday, March 21, 2011

How to have a proper sick day

1.  Collect every pillow in the house to create a fluffy cloud to prop up your head to prevent excessive congestion and relieve pregnancy hip and back pain.

2.  Wake up every 20 minutes to turn your head to allow the other side of your nose some breathing time.

3.  Keep a glass of ice water in every room of the house.

4.  When your husband goes to work, watch all the girly movies he won't watch with you when he's home.

5.  Carry a plastic bag with you wherever you go for discarded tissues. (Your husband may choose to call this the "bacteria bag")

6.  Don't leave a room without a box of tissues. 

7.  Enjoy an hour long bath.

8.  Frequently apply Neosporin to your sad, sad nose because it has been so abused by tissues.

9.  Prior to ever getting sick, marry a man who will kindly offer to sleep in another room so you can have the bed to yourself for a night.  Feign sadness when he leaves and then sprawl out on your fluffy pillow cloud.

10.  Eat everything in the house that contains peanut butter.  Oh wait, that might be a pregnant thing... 


Crystal's and Chantal's and Holly's Dad said...

Sounds like you've got it all perfected down to a "T". Hope you get to feeling better soon so you can enjoy the top 10 best ways to have a proper "well day"!!

Looking forward to news of the arrival of your new little one!!

vickyj said...

I like your list. Most of it would fit into a "Lazy Day." I just might try a "Lazy Day" since the ground is covered with snow (AGAIN) and the wind is howling. It's a perfect lazy day. I do think you should have hot drinks in every room. That would help the congestion. And you didn't mention gargling. That would help. Be well.

Kim said...

Bacteria bag! Love it. Also, you should go to some big concert... like Bon Jovi. I'm just saying :)

I love the quilt top, by the way. The colors are so cute. I'm very impressed!