Thursday, March 17, 2011


Back in the day when we were dating, Kyle used to visit me at work with silly little gifts.*  One such occasion was St. Patrick's day and he surprised me with a bar of Irish Spring soap with a note attached saying how he was so *lucky* to know me.  Also, some roses!  Roses! For an Irish holiday! And I'm not even Irish!  Fun, huh?  Except everyone at work thought maybe Kyle was trying to tell me that I smell.  But I still loved it anyway.  (And besides, I totally didn't smell)

This year for St. Patrick's Day we are celebrating by watching college basketball and decorating the baby's room.  I love it just as much, if not more than the Irish Spring/rose combo.

*Now we work 30 minutes away from each other so lunch surprises are rare

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Suzi Q said...

Kyle is so great. I love his quirks. That happens to be the only soap Kevin will ever use.