Monday, March 7, 2011

Nesting or Neurotic?

a summer daisy
Maybe it's the "nesting" phase, or maybe it's the fact that I managed to lose a whole freaking ironing board this weekend, but I am about ready to throw away everything unused in our house.  I'm feeling cluttered. And unorganized. And a little stressed out just thinking about it.  This is the perfect time for me to throw things out because I have less sentimental attachment to this-or-that-thing that so-and-so gave me for such-and-such occasion. 
And out it goes!

But these are the things that entertain my consciousness when lying awake for most of the night.  I am only halfway through this Pregnancy 1.1 and already I am so uncomfortable at night, I just cannot sleep.  Also, Kyle dreamed he was being chased last night and as a result, was making some very interesting noises (I totally thought someone was in our house.  It was just his erratic breathing.)

So while I cannot sleep, I think of all the things I could throw out.
Also, I contemplate the necessity of purchasing a good body pillow.

Totally unrelated: I told Kyle the baby has been moving a lot today and his response was "Probably because March Madness is coming up.  She is excited."

End Transmission.


Kellie said...

A whole ironing board? Too funny.Follow that instinct! Just throw it all out.

A body pillow is a must! I'm so sorry that you already can't sleep. Miserable. ...But worth it? Yes.

It Started With a Wink said...

I feel the same way last night I was so sad I couldn't find my favorite headband I considered the same of throwing away all but the basics, than I came home from work to find lots of dirty dishes and no food left so my latest resolution is to take a sabbatical from cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping, I decided I'm just going to eat out every meal to achieve this!

vickyj said...

I love the summer daisy picture. Is it one of yours?

You're sounding like Kari. She throws things out on a regular basis. I'm surprised there's anything left in her house. Do make room for all the stuff here I'm going to bring you. I need to clean out my house, too. : )

mrsmonje said...

Im only barely not even 15 weeks and I cant sleep either! Lord knows its only going to get worse but please let me know how the body pillow works out since Im thinking about buying one too. I have weird dreams also but Im thinking it has something to do with prenatal vitamins! And tonight when I cant sleep Ill think about you lol! creepy yes but it will give me something to do lol