Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Of Towels & Such

I don't know but maybe I am a little obsessive about towels. 

In my mind, there are 7 types of towels:
1. Kitchen Towels: To dry hands and the occasional dish in the kitchen.  Not for mopping floors or wiping tables and other household surfaces.  Also, not for wiping food off of faces.
2. Dish Cloths:  To clean counter tops and dishes.
3. Hand Towels:  To dry hands and faces in the bathroom.  Not for cleaning bathroom surfaces, or soap boogers off soap dispensers.  Also not for cleaning facial hair bits off of razor blades.
4. Wash Cloths:  For cleaning faces and bodies. 
5. Bath Towels:  For drying faces and bodies.
6. Beach Towels:  For sunbathing faces and bodies by pools and beaches.
7. Decorative Embroidered Tea Towels:  For decorative use only.  Not for cleaning greasy stove tops or bathroom counters.  Basically not for cleaning anything at all.

(Is it wrong that I cried about a ruined tea towel?)
(Wait, don't answer that)

For comparison's sake, this is how Karl* views towels:
1. If it looks like a towel, I can use it like a towel.  All towels were created equal.

*name changed to protect the guilty


bequi said...

One time I walked in on Anthony after he had shaved and he was using my bath towel to wipe off his shaving cream. Sacrilege!

I also have an ongoing argument with him because he keeps using my cute kitchen towels to wipe up spills. He also uses them as hot pads. That's why I buy hot pads! He has ruined SO MANY towels. I don't even bother with decorative ones.

Kourtney said...

Ah! Exactly my point!

Holly Meehleis said...

Haha Kourtney! I love it! And I agree with your categories while my husband could care less!

Ben & Traci said...

Wait until the baby comes and then you will have even more towel categories. Also, count yourself lucky if Kyle doesn't insist on adding a "just in case your water breaks towel" to the list.

Suzi Q said...

I am assuming you are protecting Kyle here. He and I would be in trouble for very similar things.

vickyj said...

I feel responsible for your obsession about towels. You have perfectly described my towel philosphy. Your dad thought you were writing about him. Just yesterday he had no idea he put MY hand towel on the floor as a bath mat -- the hand towel I put on a different towel bar because he uses the hand towel by the sink to wipe his shaving cream, his tooth paste, and then the sink. I've tried to explain the germs that has to be on that towel day after day. He doesn't know the difference. It has to be a guy thing (sorry Suzi). And I hate drying my hands on a kitchen towel that has wiped food off hands OR face (that's what napkins and paper towels are for), or that has wiped up a spill on the floor and then hung back up for hand drying. All I can say is after the slipper caper, I'm so happy to have missed the towel debate! ;)

Idea: let's make a few towels with the men's names on them and tell them that is their towel to use however they want. Hands off our towels!

Jamie said...

This is Justin. Jamie just had me read the rediculous definitions of towels. Jamie is beside me telling me how the definitions are not rediculous but they still are anyway. Karl* is spot on! Towels are towels and I treat them all equally.
PS Jamie says you forgot to define rags which she attempted to define and all I heard was a towel is a towel, the end.