Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby P

I made sure to drink half a can of Sprite before going in for our ultrasound because I heard that if you have some sugar right before, the baby will be extra active for you.  Kyle teased me (as he so likes to do) and accused me of making up excuses for me to indulge in a soda.  But let me tell you something, that baby girl would not stop moving during the whole ultrasound.  Coincidence?  Perhaps.  But I like to thank the Sprite.

It was somewhat tricky getting to the whole determining-the-gender part of the ultrasound because Baby P (no we've not yet decided on any names for her yet) kept playing with the umbilical cord between her legs!  I have to say, it was terribly cute.  She already seems so playful and curious and I got the sense that, even now, she has a very particular personality that's so especially unique to her. 

Now that we know she's a she and we could see her defined features like fingers and toes, it's all starting to seem more real to me.  I feel more connected to the little fetal parasite growing inside me and giving me heartburn.  I sense more of a closeness between us as I tell her "Let's go to work!" as we drive to the bus stop and I carry her onto the stupid bus.  I think more about her needs as I ask her "What would you like for dinner?" as I contemplate various cheeses in front of the open refrigerator.  She goes everywhere I go and we are, quite literally, inseparable.

There's just something different about how I look at this pregnancy now.  It's less about me and more about "us."  And it's all so terrifically new and strange and exciting.  Like how when you taste natural frozen yogurt with fresh berries for the first time and wonder how you've ever lived without it before. 

Yeah, it kinda feels like that.


Suzi Q said...

I love you. I love baby p. I love your blog.

Rachel & Stephen said...

If this were Facebook. I would press the like button. Your picture made me say to Stephen, "I want new ultrasound pictures." I love your new Post!

mrsmonje said...

So for some reason this post totally made me tear up! Perhaps its my own pregnancy hormones or I was just being extra emotional...either way I am so excited for you three and I cant wait until pregnancy finally feels more real to me too!!