Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Bad Medicine is What I Need"

Something like six months ago, Kyle so graciously purchased tickets for us to see Bon Jovi.
Last week we got to cash in those tickets for an evening of rock.

Kyle should really be the one to tell you how awesomely cool this concert was, because I was too pregnant and sick to get 100% out of it.  But these are the things you endure when you really love your husband and he spent a lot of money on concert tickets.  Besides, I got a Dairy Queen blizzard out of it!  (A blizzard will get me just about anywhere, even when I am sick)

Armed with a roll of toilet paper (we ran out of kleenex), Mucinex, a bottle of Tylenol, ear plugs, and Neosporin for my sad, sad nose, I settled in for a good time.  No one could even hear me cough for three hours!  And the baby seemed to really enjoy all the bass vibrations.  Or so she told my bladder that she kept kicking.

The concert was great!  It really was.  But I must confess, the best part about attending these kinds of events is being with Kyle, who REALLY enjoys them.  (Poor man, he really should have been a rock star.)  But then again, Kyle makes everything fun.  True fact!

Obligatory self portrait.
(Where has my face gone?!?)

Do you see that Kyle is wearing a Def Leppard t-shirt?  According to him, "Def Leppard is the greatest band of all time!"  I have heard this declaration at least one hundred times in the 18 months we have been married. 

As luck would have it, I recently discovered a Smith's Tix purchase on our bank account.  For kind of a lot of monies.  When I inquired about the purchase, Kyle sheepishly admitted to buying tickets to Def Leppard--in August.  (He was going to surprise me or something?) 

Nevermind the fact that I am due to be delivering a baby July 31st.  Sorry to say, she won't be coming to that show.  Anyone want to babysit a newborn in August so we can get rocked?


Jamie said...

I would LOVE to babysit!! :o( I wish I was there!

The Lloyds said...

You know that we will take her! What is one more baby to add to the mix!

Derek and Jen said...

I totally will!! I'm already missing my newborn! And by then she'll be 10 months already...so sad! So yes, I'd love a newborn to hang out with!!

vickyj said...

If I have anything to say about it, you will not be leaving a 2 week old nursing baby with anybody. Kyle is going to have to take someone else. Remember my story about "Saturday's Warrior"?

Suzi Q said...


Kellie said...

What an adventure! You'll never forget it.

Jenny Butler said...

I would love to babysit for you!!