Saturday, February 26, 2011

Someday I Might Miss Commuting.... But Not Today

I would say that full-time bus riders are made up of four main categories*
55% Sleepers
30% Readers
10% Laptop People
5% People Who Talk Really Loudly On Their Cell Phones About Very Personal Business

*non scientific data

One of the games I play with myself while riding the stupid bus to work every day is trying to figure out what the 30% is reading.  The other game is trying to take pictures of people with my phone.

So far, these are the titles I have been able to discern:
Angel Time
Everyone Worth Knowing
Looking for the King
Medieval Europe
Lost Light
Instant Relief
The Arctic Event
Inside of a Dog
Kardashian Konfidential

I had not previously heard of any of these books (except for Kardashian Konfidential... ironically).  Anyone know if there's one in here worth reading?  At a later date, I may further investigate these titles just to get a sense of who it is I am spending my commute with.

Here are a couple of random bus people pictures.  Just for fun.

At the bus stop.  This girl had cute shoes.

This guy is actually really nice.
I just think its funny/clever that he sleeps with an eye mask on the bus!

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mrsmonje said...

I love the guy with the eye mask on! That would be me if I wasnt worried about people making faces at me!