Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love & Loathing

I have to do that thing again. 
That thing that I loathe but I do a lot anyway. 

I'm getting on a plane.

I've been sweatin' about it for the last week or so.
To make it *that much* better, there is a storm coming this afternoon.


To ease my unreasonable stress, I focus on what lies ahead: four days in Denver working the (wholesale) Denver Gift Show.  It is seriously so much fun.  I love our customers! I love the (wholesale) shopping!

And most of all, I look forward to My Brother's Bar.

Every time I hear someone is going to Denver, I tell them they must go to My Brother's Bar for a Ralphie JCB (translation: buffalo burger with jalapeno cream cheese).  Also, the onion rings.

It's not a fancy place and the only menus are printed on the walls.

It's dark and old-timey and from the exterior, you wouldn't even know what it is because there are no signs!  But that's part of the charm.  When you go to My Brother's Bar you feel like you're one of the cool insiders who knows what's up.  (Or maybe that is just me)

But more than anything, you go for the Ralphie JCB.  I'm drooling just thinking about it.

It's the thought of that deliciously packaged burger that will keep me sane during my 90 minute flight...

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