Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gallery Stroll

I'm so in love with the etsy shop The Wheatfield
The colors are just the palette I'd been imagining for the nursery! 
And the prints are so whimsical and fun.
It's like springtime up in this blog!
Please enjoy the following eye candy, if you will.

I squealed a little inside when I saw this darling pig!
I think he is fantastic.
Love the colorful alphabet, and it's perfect for a nursery, no?

Both our parents live in Idaho, and with Kyle being a Boise-area native, he pretty much has a crush on the potato state.  Oops, I meant the gem state.  I think this would be a nice homage to our roots.

 Love love love this. 
Please can I have a girl so everything can be pinks and yellows?!

This was one of my great-grandmother's favorite songs.  
And it's so beautifully illustrated!

 I think I'm in love with yellow.
If I don't have a girl.... I wonder if Kyle would mind a pink and yellow nursery?
{he would}
Rest assured {Kyle, I'm talking to you}, if we are having a boy, I'll go easy on the pink.

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