Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"An ultimate feel fabulous moment..."

Ok I just have to rave about this diaper bag here for a minute.
Because it is freaking awesome.
It's reversible.
It's leather and canvas.
It comes with a double sided storage bag.
And an insulated cooler bag.
And a large padded changing mat.
And it doubles as a really fantastic carry-on bag.
And it is MINE!
A dear friend gave this to me while I was in Colorado over the weekend.
And I'm in love with it.

It's from Isoki, an Australian baby bag company, and I love their little slogan: "An ultimate feel fabulous moment is parading a beautiful bag which often elicits a second glance by passers by."

I would like to add: "An ultimate feel fabulous moment is cramming most all of your carry on luggage into a 'diaper bag' which conveniently stuffs under the airplane seat in front of you so you don't have to pay checked baggage fees and you still fit a suitcase in the overhead compartment."

Also: "An ultimate feel fabulous moment is carrying a diaper bag which does not even really look like a traditional diaper bag."
What's more exciting than a really cool bag to cart around baby stuff?
Buying gender specific baby stuff because you know what you're having!
We find out this afternoon.
I hope you are bursting with as much excitement as we are.

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mrsmonje said...

I am swooning over this diaper bag!! Holy cow Im in LOVE!!!!!!