Monday, February 14, 2011

love LOVE love

I was *this close* to making Pioneer Woman's Pasta ai Quattro Formaggi for our special Valentine's dinner tonight.  And then I discovered that the quattro formaggis alone would cost me $28.  Lucky for me, the Whole Foods cheese expert introduced me to a "really pretty fantastic alfredo sauce" that ended up having a sell-by date of today.  Translate: free sauce for me!  She gave it to me at no charge and I saved $28 on cheeses.  Which was great because since I couldn't decide between the spinach artichoke stuffed salmon pinwheels or the teriyaki beef tenderloin skewers, I got both!  Bam! 

There was a day when I was only dating one Kyle Post and he loved me dearly and had not yet told me so but as such we were celebrating Valentine's Day as boyfriend and girlfriend.  That particular Valentine's Day, 2009 began with Kyle surprising me at my apartment early in the morning to make me breakfast, followed by a scavenger hunt around the city to some of our favorite places, red roses, a pirate puzzle, a romantic movie of my choice (How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days), cuddling, Olive Garden, a quiz with prizes, dressing up like white trash, (see: fake tattoos, mullet wig, nasty t-shirts and ripped jeans), and then a surprise visit to the monster truck show! (I had ALWAYS wanted to go to a monster truck show.  It was a dream come true)  All of which was topped off by gas station hot dogs eaten in the parking lot of Hooters. 

It was pretty much the best Valentine's Day ever and faaaaarr exceeds the one where Loserheadnonboyfriend took me to a movie where I paid for myself and he managed to poke me in the eye with spoon.  I much prefer the Valentine's Day: Version 2.0 with Kyle Post, thank you very much.

At any rate, it's 2011 and while we'll not be dressing up like white trash and going to a monster truck show, I think this one will be even better than them all.  And not just because of my free alfredo.

Happy Lover's Day!


Suzi Q said...

I love that. I hope I can be a good spouse like that to Kevin. How was your dinner??

Kim said...

I love it!