Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Poem

I has a cold and it's really sad.

It's the second cold in four months I've had.

My nose is a lovely shade of red.

I can only sleep sitting up in bed.

I'm perpetually about to sneeze.

I would really like some Sudafed, please.


Anonymous said...

cute poem, though I wish it were about not being sick! Pregnancy colds suck most because you can't take drugs! My best friend was the Neti pot. It's a saline rinse, and it's weird, but it works and your cold will be gone so much faster. Get better soon!

Jason and Abby said...

adorable poem, but sad because I feel your cold pain, I had one a few weeks ago. So sorry you're sick!

The Lloyds said...

Your good to go with sudifed ( the regular kind) and tylonal cold! At least those were the two I got the go ahead on from my doctor.