Sunday, January 2, 2011

A List


1.  We put my new juicer to good use and had the very best fresh squeezed orange juice ever!

2.  Our backyard looks like a perfect winter wonderland.

3.  Our garage door may or may not be broken but that is okay because our house is still under warranty!

4.  We have a really cool date on Tuesday!

5.  I fell asleep last night watching a movie in bed! (yes, Kyle won the T.V. debate and we now have a T.V. in our bedroom)

6.  Kyle, who just said "Who has two thumbs and wants to be on your list?"  Yes, he definitely is always on my list of greats.

7.  We started off the New Year without Christmas decorations!  (and already our house feels so much cleaner)

8.  "Def Leppard still rocks!" (Kyle)

9.  We got to ring in the New Year with great friends and food!

10.  Kyle has learned a valuable lesson: don't do laundry with chapstick in your pockets.

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