Monday, January 3, 2011

Probably I Didn't Get The Memo

I got on the bus this morning, traveled 45 minutes to work, walked a block in below freezing temperatures, and then realized the offices were closed.  All of them!  I had no work!  I had a holiday and I didn't know it!!  How sad is that??  To make it even more sad, I had no bus to get on to get back home.  So I called my Kyle, took the train as far as it would go, and he picked me up and took me back to my bus stop to get my car.

Basically I spent 2 hours on public transportation this morning.  For nothing.

But I did laugh.

So with my new day off I played handyman.  I possibly fixed the paint sprayer, attempted to fix the garage door opener (hello, home warranty!), painted a darling old table, rearranged furniture and removed a ceiling fan.  And then made another batch of fresh squeezed orange juice because, hello! Have you ever tried it?  I'm addicted.  It's frothy and sweet and nothing like store bought orange juice (I may never go back).

So cheers to paid holidays! And frothy orange juice!


Jamie said...

What's wrong with the garage door? We had to fix our a year ago, and it only cost us $86 to fix because Justin did it.

Jane Doe . . . Smith said...

This is perhaps the saddest thing I've ever heard. :(

Jason and Abby said...

I'm still sorry I didn't actually copy you on that memo. I just didn't even think about it. I fail.