Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time to Choose Sides, People

There has been this ongoing debate between Kyle and myself since the day we became husband and wife. I thought the issue had been put to rest, but Kyle recently resurrected the argument: a TV in the bedroom, or no? 

My Side
  • A bedroom is no place for TV
  • A bedroom is for two things (and one of them is not watching TV)
  • We already spend a lot of time watching TV, why do we need more?
  • For my entire 26 year existence, I have never had a TV in my bedroom and I am not inclined to change that now
  • I want our bedroom to be a sanctuary. A restful place away from noise and obnoxiousness.
  • The TV in question is a bit of an eyesore and I'd rather have pretty things to adorn our dresser
  • I can't sleep with the TV on, so my 10:00 bedtime will be constantly interrupted by ESPN
  • Why do we need two TVs anyway? Let's just get rid of the other TV
  • We have a DVR to record our favorite shows so really, we don't even need two TVs.
  • Because I said so
  • Because I said so

His Side
  • "If a bedroom is for sleeping, then we should get rid of everything in our bedroom except the bed--lights too!"
  • He likes to "wind down" to the TV before going to bed
  • Apparently it is far too inconvenient to "wind down" to the TV downstairs and then come to bed after said "winding down" period is over
  • Watching sports is not "watching TV"
  • We have a perfectly good, usable TV sitting in his office that (according to him) never gets used
  • The TV in his office never gets used because (according to him) there is nothing comfortable to lie on (like a bed, or couch)
  • There is a cable outlet in our bedroom, but not in the office, where the TV currently lives
  • There will be times that we both want to watch something different at the same time, so it is important to have two TVs, one of which must be in our bedroom
  • "I paid $500 for that TV (10 years ago) and I'm not going to throw it out!"
  • We might not always have a DVR to simultaneously record our favorite shows
  • He asked me nicely

So tell me, do you think it's a good idea to have a TV in the bedroom?
If you need some help deciding, try reading this and this
I'll even add a little voting poll on the side of our little blog here to help keep things tabulated.  So don't forget to cast your vote!


The Powells said...

I agree with Kyle, but heres why.
Jason and I are the same type of personality, like kyles, where we want to wind down at night and be entertained by something that requires no thought, then roll over and sleep. I actually can't sleep anymore unless Jason watches ESPN. its weird. but you guys have different personalities so you should both come to a mutual decision that pleases both parties. The flat screen is a good idea, it makes any room look more sleek and modern. and a curfew! and a volume control curfew. Jason can't have it above 2 past 10:30. lol

Suzi Q said...

DON'T DO IT! Seriously. The bedroom is precious time. We have had one in ours for our entire marriage and we would be doing a lot less tv watching, more cuddling...and you know what else.. SO I threw a huge fit about it, and it's not been on in the bedroom since. It will be moved to our laundry room soon. Tell Kyle NO!

Jason said...

If Kati wants to go bed early she can with me being there. Otherwise I watch outside the bedroom so you could argue we spend more time together. :)

Jenn and Mike said...

Great debate! To be honest, we have one in our bedroom.... (my parents always did, but we weren't allowed to as kids.) It is not used very often. I think sometimes it sits unused 3/4 of the times. I only insisted on this after we had three kids and I needed them to be occupied when I was exercising. I use it once and a while when I get dressed and shower to listen to the morning news. My husband cannot relax or wind down in bed.... so that throws that theory out the door. To be honest, I wouldn't put a tv in your bedroom unless it necessary for other reasons. I will never allow our kids to have one in their room. It depends on why you want it in there... and what your circumstances are.. . . for us it doesn't mean the tv is on more though. (I think some of that has to do with the fact we have a big screen in our regular television room.)I think though if it means your hubby is watching it 10 times more.... I would keep your foot down. It also shouldn't affect other things that happen in the bedroom either. Hope my thoughts help.

vickyj said...

Why doesn't Kyle put the extra tv in the bathroom where he could watch it from the bathtub where he likes to unwind?

mrsmonje said...

I would have to say, DONT DO IT!!! Eric and I had a TV in our room pretty much the entire time we have been married but we took a vow that once he returned from deployment it wouldnt happen any more. And let me tell you it has made the world of difference! We have a nice place to unwind together, cuddle, make jokes and act like we are 16, you know be silly. I say keep your foot down and stick to your guns sister!