Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Stalemate

It is a melancholy kind of day, to be sure.  One that appears to sunshiny but instead is rather cold. Not sad nor happy, not here nor there.  Just a day of the medium variety.  Today is sitting on the fence, waiting for the majority vote to topple it one way or the other.  Today could swing good or it could swing bad, but without a majority, I'm afraid we have a stalemate.  In other words, this day is going nowhere. 

Here are the results so far:

The Good:
I actually made time to put on makeup this morning.
I have a most adorably wonderful husband who let me stay in bed longer than was needful.
There is a really fantastic Pig & Pepper logo in the works.

The Bad:
I counted exactly 37 moths clinging to my window.
I cannot breathe like a normal human. (read here for why)
There are two (extra large) piles of laundry that simply will not wash themselves.

You see?  It could really go either way, but it is simply too soon to tell.

1 comment:

mrsmonje said...

Im going to say that the good should win of course!