Friday, November 5, 2010

Eater Beware

Since working late a few nights this week, I had the glorious opportunity to sleep in.  Late.  Normally I do not have time for much of a breakfast (seeing as how I wait until the last possible moment to drag myself out of bed) so it was such a treat to fix myself a hot breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast.  For fun, I threw in some diced onions and tomato.  Six hours, and several hand washings later, my hands still smelled like onions.  Only I kept thinking I smelled like B.O. because, (did you know?) onions smell like body odor.  It is true.  So, because I love lists and I want to assure everyone that it was not sweat, but onions instead that made me stink up my life yesterday, here is my list of foods that smell like various forms of B.O.:

Cooked broccoli
Cooked cauliflower
Hard boiled eggs

Eater beware, even though they are quite tasty, these foods may incriminate you as a smelly fool.


Suzi Q said...

I love everything on that list. I am effed.

mrsmonje said...

I also love everything on that list and as weird as it is, I LOVE the smell of garlic on my hands. You may call me freak but i am ok with that