Monday, January 24, 2011

The Great Discovery

I probably should have figured this out already.  I mean, we have been married for one whole year, four months, and five days.  I should be a marriage veteran by now, for Pete's sake! 
Not so. 

The Great Discovery:
my husband is not my girl friend

He does not squeal when I mention that so-and-so is getting married/having a baby/buying a house

He does not ooo and ahhh over my new sparkly bow shaped ring

He does not gasp in surprise when I read that Lanvin is collaborating with H&M

He does not care about Pantone's Spring 2011 color forecast

He does not want to watch "Say Yes to the Dress"

He does not want to watch "Keeping up with the Kardashians"

He really does not want to watch "Project Runway" (but when he does, I think he secretly kind of likes it)

He is not excited about the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sales.

Oh wait, maybe he is.

But he definitely doesn't drool over Amy Butler fabrics. 

My husband is many things: he is my best friend, a good cook, a bbq aficionado, a connoisseur of movies, a neat freak (thankfully), and a devotee of taking out all of the garbage on a regular basis (and I never have to ask!)  He is all these things and more. 

But, he is not my girl friend.  He is good to smile like he cares or raise an eyebrow with a mumbled "ahh" when I get excited about fashion/fabric/friendly gossip, but I am finally learning to never expect the same reactions from him that I would get from my girl friends.

(Darling, I do love you anyway)


Nick and Jaimee said...

I love Amy Butler and Project Runway and I also think it is too bad our husbands don't! Although, like Kyle, I think Nick secretly likes Project Runway when he is forced to watch it, too. Congrats on being preggo! Can't wait to see the cute little one.

Missy said...

Uh, is there a prob that mine actually loves all those things? I was reading through your list and checking them off, "Yes...he likes this. Yes, he gasps. Yes, he contemplated upgrading cable just so we could keep watching Project Runway." The ultimate sign... we'll record The Bachelor, and he'll pause it, make commentary like, "I think those are false lashes," and then rewind it play it over again. It's really fun! The not so fun part? When we're fighting, he's DRAMA just like a girl friend. Silent treatment, the whole bit. So crazy how they're all so different. And no, he's not metro/fem. He's obsessed with all things sports!

Elizabeth said...

Hilarious post. I'll be happy to ohh and ahh over your new bow ring!

Joami said...

Lanvin is collaborating with H&M?!? I just squealed! That's where i always end up dropping all my money every time i go to chicago. BTW i bought a sewing machine (same as the project runway machines), i've been trying to channel my inner you, and am now officially obsessed with Modcloth's retro indie line. so just know i'm squeeling with you in spirit!

Jason and Abby said...

Twas a hard lesson for me to learn. Sometimes I try to convince Jason that he is my girlfriend...I don't think he's buying it though.