Monday, December 13, 2010

A Love-Hate Relationship

I'm having this love-hate relationship with blogs lately. 

*Decorating inspiration
*Gift suggestions
*How to's for just about everything
*Handmade Christmas gifts
*Treats to bake and to sometimes give away
*Projects to do
*Places to go
*People to meet
*Pictures to take
*Crafts to try

*I wish desperately that I had my own Santa's workshop in which to bury myself in all of these blogger projects/ideas/crafts/treats/gifts so I could decorate our house to the brim with cute handmade decor, whip up handmade gifts for all of our dear friends and family, and have a turkey roasting every day just to have the smell of Christmas wafting in the air.

Alas, it is December 13th, a mere 12 days from Christmas, and I have neither partridge nor turtledoves for which to celebrate with.

Let's just say my expectations this year were a little unrealistic. Maybe if I start now, I can achieve my dream handmade Christmas next year. Or maybe I'll just go to Target.


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way! I'm so behind on everything! GAH! I'm sure it will all turn out wonderful though, handmade or not! :)

vickyj said...

It's because this is your first Christmas in a house. Oh, and because you are creative at heart. Create a Christmas Bucket List of no more than 5 things, and enjoy the fun.

I do wonder if we shouldn't develop a candle scent of roasting turkey. I don't think it would smell good though, since I don't think those cookie scents smell good either. Must have the real thing, for sure.

Dream Handmade Christmas next year? I think after-Christmas sale at Target is more realistic. Just sayin' . . .