Friday, December 10, 2010

Stuff! Everywhere!

Oh, I have made quite the mess.

It all started when I realized I needed a certain tax form and I needed it right away. I started searching hither and thither for the tax form and alas, it was nowhere to be found! Eventually I just called for another copy and all is well, but in the midst of my frantic searching, I embarked upon a journey of a thousand memories. You see, I have had several boxes stashed up in my sewing room since we moved in last April. I have not known the contents of these boxes as most of them were packed by my parents when they moved from our Colorado home sometime around 2003. Why they had saved much of these things is beyond me, but let me tell you, I have thrown out at least 4 giant garbage bags full of stuff.  THERE WAS STUFF! EVERYWHERE! I did not know I could have so much stuff.

The good news is, we've already taken a huge pile to the D.I.

The bad news is, Kyle also donated the wrong box!

I realized it after we left D.I. when I noticed the little box of expensive purses was no longer in the back seat! I had no intention of donating them... in fact, I don't know what I intended to do with them, but certainly they were not to be donated. We U-turned back to donations and searched trailer after trailer after shelf of junk until we finally found my precious box of purses, already inside the store, soon to be gone forever.

Crisis averted.
But I still have a mess.

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vickyj said...

Your "wrong box" story is reminiscent of the "wrong box" your dad took to the incinerator. Too bad for him, there was no going back. The parallels of our life with our childrens' lives is getting really freaky.

By the way, YOU left us with all your stuff. And it wasn't packed up. And I wsn't going to throw out any of your stuff that you left us with. And we had to pack it, move it, and store it in Idaho. YOU OWE US!! :)