Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Secret's in the Base Coat

Sometimes I get really focused on something and a long time later I realize I've been making a really stupid face that usually involves my mouth hanging open and possibly some sort of a furrowed brow.  Other times I think through conversations in my head and catch myself mouthing the words that I am thinking. 
One time I walked around the office at work with the skirt of my dress caught on my name tag way up around my neck. 

I do a lot of embarrassing things.  On a daily basis.  But today is different.  Today I have painted nails and toes and perhaps there is nothing that can make me feel not a lady on this day.  Because today my painted nails and toes survived a night of tossing in my sleep and the dreaded pantyhose in the morning.  Because this time my painted nails and toes are protected by a double layer of base coat.  Today my nails and toes are strong, resilient, and ladylike.  Today I will survive the torrent of embarrassing events that I typically create for myself.  Because, you see, I have a base coat. 

A base coat makes all the difference, you know.  Without it, my nails look dry and wrinkly and the color just soaks up into my nail parts somewhere.  Without the base coat, my painted nails would never survive a day without chipping or wearing off.  But today I have on a base coat and I feel like I just got a manicure even though I just painted them myself (for free).  Today my wedding ring looks extra sparkly and my waistline a little thinner.

So here's to the base coat and a day of being resilient!
Maybe today I'll also wear mascara.
I am feeling rather dangerous, after all.

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Gordita said...

Are you me? Am I you? Wow! Sometimes when I think of something really embarrassing I did in the past and still feel embarrassed about (like that time I snort-cried into the microphone during testimony meeting at Church and it echoed and echoed and nearly killed me right there on the spot), I make weird faces or noises or chortles. And I'm by myself with my thoughts. So, ... yeah. I just admitted something rather embarrassing just then.