Monday, October 4, 2010

A rebellion of sorts and also an invitation

I feel as though I've been rebelliously neglecting this here blog lately.  I get the feeling I should write something brilliant and immediately think back to myself, "No!  No, I won't do it! I won't!"  But sometimes maybe I have some kind of an attitude problem?  I don't know.

It's maybe as if I have too much to say, actually, that I can't particularly decide what to say.  Liken this unto the times I exit my favorite stores empty handed only because I couldn't pick which thing to come home with me.  Oh the choices!  (But I do sometimes have a problem being indecisive).

Kyle doesn't mind one bit, because he would rather me not buy anything at all for the remainder of our marriage.  Unless that thing to buy happens to be some sort of football tickets or perhaps a DVD of some kind.  Because, you know, those are the things that make his heart go pitter patter.  (After me, of course).

When I married Kyle, I also married into some really fantastic family, including nephews who are nearly my own age.  It's kind of a strange thing to have nephews who are 8  and 11 and also nephews who are 20 something.  But one such 20 something nephew did a very good thing in life and married the very cute Ashley, who is my thrift-store-loving twin at heart.  (Good job, Devin).  And it came to pass that we went to several thrift stores over the weekend and we beheld that they were good.

In other news, we will soon be embarking on our very first trip to Texas and there we will visit my eldest sister and her teenagerly daughter and hopefully partake in some southern BBQ and also perhaps some fried foods.  Kyle doesn't know this yet, but I also have plans to scope out some local thrift stores.  I have always had this dream of finding the perfect vintage cowboy boots for my awkward size nines...  if only.

The best thing about thrift stores, is that each one is different and the merchandise changes daily.  Also, things are cheap.  These combined attributes cater to my short attention span, impatience, and shallow pockets.  But also I do love old things, did you know?

And therefore, in conclusion, I would like to offer you this one time chance to suggest things for us to do whilst in the Dallas area.  I shall preface the invitation by first stating that I have high intentions of attending both the Texas State Fair and Medieval Times.  Thoughts?


vickyj said...

First of all, you didn't mention that you will be coming all the way to Texas to see your mother as well. Pocatello is not far enough away, apparently, for frequent visits. Second of all, you have a lot of things to do in the 2 days we have to do them in. The Texas State Fair will probably be an all day thing. Kelli thinks you will enjoy the vintage section of Grapevine. And maybe Kyle needs to see the football stadium; although, if he has a window seat, there is a nice overhead view out the plane window on approach. Be sure to sit by the window Kyle. I don't think we have Morgan onboard for the Medevial thing. More coercing will have to occur.

Morgan has band practice Tuesday night. We think you might have pleasant reminiscing if you went to watch. At Saturday's rehearsal, the parents were invited to take their student's place on the field. They didn't have to play the instrument, but they had to hold it correctly and do the moves on the field in the right positions. It was very entertaining, AND the parents did a pretty good job. Kelli got to the right spot every time.

All I've thought about since coming here is eating. Beware the poundage!

Can't wait for you to be here. Looking forward to the FUN!

Suzi Q said...

That picture of Kyle is just priceless, much like most of the ones he takes. I'm just glad to know he's a ham like Cody and I. Will you re-do the design on my blog....or not. Thanks for coming over Sunday. I know hanging out with us isn't the same since we have 2 kids now, but we still love you guys.

Ashley and Devin said...