Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Keep Your Pants On

I have spent the better part of forever looking for my two favorite pairs of dark denim jeans.  This was especially baffling unto me because really, how do you lose a pair of pants?!?  It's not like I go around taking my clothes off in random places or something.  (Really, I don't).  And it's not like a pair of sunglasses that can easily be dropped into a public toilet or left in someone's car.  These are pants, people!  Pants!  How on earth did I lose my pants?

Giving up all hope of ever finding them, I was consigned to live solely on my second favorite, but not so dark and classy jeans.  And then I did something unimaginable: I cleaned my sewing room.

My sewing room is something of a Bermuda triangle.  That which goes in, may never come out.

But it was there that I found my pants, both pairs, rolled up together and perched on top of a shelf.  Whyever did I put them there in the first place?  Why were they together?  What was I thinking?

A similar experience happened also with the glass cleaner.  Only I told Kyle we must have used it all and he spent months looking for it before breaking down and buying another bottle.  But then I found the glass cleaner, tucked neatly away in one of the shelves in my sewing room.

Clearly I'm not using my sewing room enough.  Or, alternatively, I do not keep my sewing room tidy enough. 


So this leads me to wonder, are my glasses buried somewhere deep in the depths of fabric remnants and spools of thread?  Because I haven't seen them in months.


KimiK said...

We used those jeans when we were shooting the headbands...covered in muslin, was it? remember? Shoulda asked, I know where everything is ;)
Glad you found them!

Kourtney said...

HAHAHAA!!! You are so right!! I totally forgot!

Jamie said...

OOOO I have lost a few shirts, check in your sewing room for me!! ;o)