Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Sickness

photo by me
The D.I. and I were recently reunited and it was there that I procured for myself a new berry collander and a few Target sweaters.  I managed, somewhow, to pass up the Santa's sleigh and the collection of Mark Twain's short stories.  But I couldn't stop there.  I needed more!  So I searched craigslist and ksl and soon became the proud owner of a sofa table!  (I have been looking for a decent sofa table for weeks!  Weeks, I tell you!)  And now I can't stop. I want more!  Bring me moreYard sales! Bring me more thrift stores!  I need more junk treasures! 

If someone were to ask me to describe my perfect day, I would tell them: "There would be Kyle, beaches, and endless thrift stores!"  Also, maybe babies.  Fat, wobbly babies.  And sushi.

Speaking of endless thrift stores, Fort Collins has the very best row of flea markets I've ever been to.  I'm sure there are probably better places in the world, but I've yet to see them with my own eyes.  On our most recent trip to Colorado together, I made Kyle stop at the flea markets on our way into Fort Collins.  We had just come from three days of camping, hadn't seen a shower or proper plumbing in all that time, and my first stop had to be the flea markets.  Kyle lasted maybe 5 minutes before I sent him off with the car for an hour so I could browse in peace.  The ONLY reason I didn't buy anything is because I couldn't decide on just one thing.  Or even just two things.  And I still regret passing up that awesome black globe...

I think this is a sickness or something, this need to buy used goods.  It produces a high unlike anything else.  Tell me, do you have it too?  I know I can't be the only one!


Ashley and Devin said...

I HAVE THE ILLNESS BADDDDDDDDDDDDDD and i am dying from only having one thrift store in rexburg.... SAVE ME!!!

Kellie said...

I am totaly addicted to Craigs List!!! I have the website on my phone & check it daily. But HEY- I get some good deals off of it & I am PROUD! When you are crafty like yourself you can find LOTS of goodies & fix them up!