Thursday, September 16, 2010

Part One: How We Met

I had a house full of bubbly twelve and thirteen year old girls and when I told them that Sunday is our one year anniversary, they demanded to see my wedding pictures.  While looking through our pictures one exclaims, "I'm so glad you like to kiss your husband!"
And I laughed.

So Sunday is our anniversary and to celebrate, I'm going to give you a multi-part narrative of how this all went down.  Enter Part One.

Part One: How We Met
This is Kristen. 
Kristen and I were mission companions on Temple Square and later became roommates.  I have Kristen to thank for all this because she is the one who introduced me to Kyle.

Kristen first met Kyle in college and years later (when she was my roommate) ran into him at a party and invited him to our apartment to hang out.  I was in the kitchen putting away groceries when I saw him walk in with Kristen.  Later, we bonded over both having double jointed knees and I let him sample the new hand lotion I bought.

The very next day, Kyle sent me a message on Facebook.
(What would we do without Facebook, I wonder?)

Kyle October 1, 2008 at 11:13pm
So....we are Facebook friends eh? This is a huge commitment. That means I get to write on your wall and know when you are in a relationship and look at pictures of you and know when its your birthday and read your quotes and all that good stuff. Are you sure you are ok with this. We are on our way to first base in the mormon culture. Actually Facebook is probably first base. Wow! Its been great so far! Ha ha

So sorry I talked your ear off on Tuesday night. I just like to ask questions. Sorry if I seemed nosey but I am really glad you answered all my questions. So I am coming over on Sunday after conference so you best be there. I know you are probably suppose to go check out hot boys at the mall with Sheri Dew but I think you should hang out with me and your roomies. We should maybe make homemade ice cream and play cards or do something cool. It pretty much could be the greatest day of your life. So what did you end up doing for your birthday?? Man I missed out. I could have jumped out of your cake. I could have either gave you the sexy 80's rocker outfit, or maybe the Human Resource teacher. Ha ha jk. I was running a special last month on the limited time Walmart Greeter outfit. Maybe next year eh? Should I pencil you in for an appointment next year?

(When I didn't respond fast enough to his first message, he came up with an excuse to send me another)

Kyle October 2, 2008 at 7:25am
Oh 1 more thing.....where did you say you bought your camera again and how much was it? I think I am going to buy one this weekend. Help a brotha out dog!

(Trying my best to play hard to get, I waited yet another day before responding) (I'm pretty sure this drove him crazy) (Which is exactly what I was going for)

Kourtney October 3, 2008 at 3:13pm
I bought it at RC Willey for like $200. I love it! I guess I'll be seein you sunday then. I think I'll be home... :)


mrsmonje said...

love it:) looking forward to the rest of the info! happy anniversary almost!!

Suzi Q said...

I can honestly say that it alllllmost makes me sick how darling you two are. I mean seriously. You kinda have your little arguments here and there but the little things you seem to do for one another...*GAG*...K I am back, are just sickening. I wonder if Kevin and I are like that? Nah we are just mean.

Kristen said...

So fun to read this! Are you going to tell the rest of the story?
Hey can I get a copy of that picture?

Becky said...

LOVE it! You 2 are very darling!! Can't wait to hear the rest!